Here to help you revitalise your Champagne list, sell more Champagne and create unforgettable food and wine moments. 

Our passion lies within the restaurant sector and the business has been built on the frustration of a lack of unique Champagne lists in the UK. Our exclusive portfolio changes just that.

The portfolio we have curated hosts Champagnes that will be an incredible addition to any wine list. Whether that be a new BTG or House Champagne, to become a new customer favourite, or some of our extremely unique Gastronomic Cuveés, that will smash all your perceptions of Champagne.


You can purchase tasting packs based on your specific needs and our carefully selected recommendations. Or visit our online portfolio to request trade samples.

Would you like to host a Champagne themed event for when your doors are back open? We have a variety of options that can work at your venue. 

Struggling to inspire your guests with your Champagne? Our FREE Champagne list consultation provides an insight in to opportunities available for you to develop an outstanding menu.

If you are going to do Champagne, Deux Six!