Our Story

“Our love for each other created our passion for Champagne”

Champagne goes on a journey from vineyard to bottle, we’d like to take you back to 2nd June 2019 to share our journey with you.

It was 7.55pm on Sunday evening, the sun was setting over the rolling hills of Vinay and we took our place at our table in Hotel La Briqueterie. We were one of the first down to dine and looked forward to the renowned tasting menu. First, the most important decision had to be made, what would be our starter bottle of Champagne for the evening? The extensive wine list was scintillating. Pages and pages of wines showcased in style and vintage order. Too many to chose from! We asked the sommelier for a recommendation asking for a Blanc de Noirs extra brut to whet our appetite. He suggested a bottle of Ernest Remy Blanc de Noirs from the Grand Cru of Mailly.

As the bottle was collected from the cellar we took a moment to take in the incredible décor and grandeur of the restaurant. Beautiful views of the Vinay hills and the hotels flower garden were striking and an amazing sight. It was day 4 of our trip to Champagne and we started to reminisce some of our favourite moments of the visit so far.

We started with cellar tours of G.H Mumm, Veuve Clicquot and Taittinger to learn more about how the Grande Marques produce and market their wines worldwide. An overwhelming experience to see the sheer amount of wine produced and the level of detail, expertise and time put into every bottle. We spent a night under the stars gazing at the imperial Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims and witnessed the most incredible light show telling the story of the history of the building and French monarchy.

After our inauguration in the region in Reims, we then travelled south towards Epernay where as soon as we left the train station exit we were in awe of the majestic looking streets steeped in history and beauty. The sense of a special, unique place hit us straight away. We wandered through the town centre gazing at all the different champagne houses and restaurants which oozed a welcoming and proud atmosphere. Our bags were dropped off and the exploring began.

No better place to start than the famous Avenue de Champagne. As we started East on the Avenue we began with Michel Gonet, De Venoge, A.Bergere and Boizel as we walked back towards the centre. The tastings were going down beautifully. A quick stop at Perrier-Jouet to purchase some bottles (The cellar visits and tastings were closed for refurbishment) and a rudimentary photo with the Dom Perignon statue outside Moet & Chandon found us back in to the heart of town. RL Legras was our next destination and then we headed off for some food before a stroll back to our room.

The next day found us on our travels south east of Epernay to Vinay were after a spa day and a touch of sun bathing we find ourselves back at the stunning La Briqueterie restaurant just in time for that bottle of Ernest Remy to be opened!

The bottle was stunning as was the rest of the menu which went down a treat after a busy few days exploring the streets of Champagne. After the meal we decided to take the last of the bottle outside to sit in the garden terrace and take in the unbelievable views.

The birds were singing over head and out of nowhere (a crudely placed speaker underneath the table) our favourite song played. I got down on one knee and the rest is history!

We finished the night with a celebratory bottle of the most incredible Vazart Coquart 82/12 Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs  - well it was one very special Champagne moment!

So, if you are wondering where Deux Six originates from, now you know.

2nd June (2/6) 2019.

Welcome to Deux Six. We can't wait to share it with you!

Cameron & Naomi x