Jacques Copin

Bruno and Marielle currently run the family winery in Vernieul and the family business all started when Bruno's great-grandfather Alfred Copin decided to grow vines in the late 19th century. He bought 520m of vineyards in Vandieres in 1903. 

His son married Maurice Brion and Auguste Copin, born in Verneuil and Vandieres and they took the reins of the family business a few decades later. They planted the first vines of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and primarily, Meunier, the winery’s grape variety of choice on the Marne Valley hillsides.

From 1963, their son Jacques, expanded the Verneuil business alongside Bruno's mother Anne-Marie. That’s when the Champagne Jacques Copin brand was founded. Bruno and wife, Marielle, decided to join the Copin winery adventure in 1995 and take the helm. 

"I am proud to be part of the legacy, passing my expertise down to my children Lucile and Mathieu since 2013 and bringing you our best Champagnes imbued with history, emotion, values and most importantly, pleasure and passion." Bruno Copin.

From a superb Meunier dominant entry level through to the exciting single varietal and single parcel wines complimented by a serious array of complex vintages, we are super pleased to bring you these Champagnes. We are sure you will love their wines as much as we do!