Our Selections

Every producer is unique in how they choose to make their wines, however in terms of philosophies it is important that they match what we love about Grower Champagnes and what we want to bring to the UK. In order to select our growers, we have created a set of values that we aim to meet with each producer. 

Our values are based on what made us fall in love with Grower Champagnes. Each area reflects a certain characteristic which truly showcases the beauty of not only the wines but the amazing stories. We include the history of Champagne, which you can immerse yourself in with every glass, but also look forward to the future and what may be possible.

It is vital that our growers are just as passionate about working with us as we are with them. They must show a love of creating remarkable wine and unforgettable moments. Surely, all growers love making their wine? Of course, however each grower will have different business models and philosophies that determine their production. We want to focus on quality wines with personality and each wine maker must have a passion for the same.

We want to be able to share this passion with all our customers. To do so, our growers must have a commitment to education, by sharing their wine making processes, their stories and their expertise to create a real connection to each bottle. We want you to take your own personal Champagne journey and through the know-how of our growers you can find your own interests and your style. There is nothing better than knowing where your wine has come from, how it was made, who made it and what makes it taste like it does!

Rarity and uniqueness make our wines special and it doesn’t always have to come at a premium cost! This is why it is important that our growers take care and attention to the particular qualities of their vineyards, soils, climate, wineries, purpose and history. Why do they make certain wines? Why do they still use certain wine making techniques? Do they make single village wines or wines that come from only one small plot? All these qualities create a true identity which makes each grower unique and mesmerising in their own way.

A key way in which a grower showcases its identity is through the respect and appreciation of the terroir. 'Terroir' is a French term used in viticulture to explain the environmental factors which effect a wine. Grower Champagnes are synonymous with the use of and the expression of terroir in their wines. Across Champagne there are different soil types, terrains and climates which all affect the grapes that are produced. A Chardonnay grape from one village can taste completely different from a Chardonnay grape from another village. If a grower respects their terroir they let this come out in the bottle and it will create distinct flavours and aromas that represent where the wine was made.

The Champagne region has often been accredited with famous innovations in wine making history. From secondary fermentations to Widow Clicquot’s riddling table. These are monumental moments in Champagnes history; but that doesn’t mean there aren’t producers out there willing to try new things. We want to work with growers who will push boundaries with their cuvées. It may be trying a longer or different ageing process, it may be experimenting with terroir or improving their vineyard processes. Forward thinking and constantly on the search for improvement will always provide interesting and unique Champagnes.

Protecting and nurturing the environment is very close to our hearts and in Champagne we are seeing growing movements of biodynamic and organic production. All of our growers will have a commitment to using or developing their techniques to protect the environment. Practices may include zero use of pesticides and herbicides, improved crop cultivation, lower yields and grass planting in between vines just to name a few. Our own commitment to the environment is to use 100% recyclable packaging and where possible, for it to be made from recycled materials. We will also support growers with their production of organic wines and bring them to the UK market.

Based on our previous visits, growers we have tasted, recommendations from within the industry, geographical locations (a range of terroir and villages), along with meeting our selection criteria we shortlisted a list of producers. Numerous conversations later, sharing our mutual philosophies, we agreed on samples and our detailed and lengthy tasting process commenced.

We now happily present to you 12 incredible and inspiring wine makers from across the whole Champagne region with the most amazing cuvées. We hope you enjoy! We know you will!