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Unique restaurants shouldn't have to settle for the same unsustainable Champagnes that are on everyone's list.

Most wine buyers struggle to find unique and sustainable Champagne that works commercially for their restaurants. We provide Grower Champagnes that help you sell more wine, improve your reputation and ultimately become unforgettable... Book your tasting today.

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We understand the difficulties to find unique and sustainable Champagnes that work commercially for a restaurant, so we have done the hard work for you.

Our portfolio has been hand-picked with quality and price point in mind that allows you to revitalise your Champagne list without paying impossible prices! Whether it's a new 'house style' BTG or some gastronomic wines for food pairings. Take a look at our wines below or download our portfolio here.

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Not from the trade? No problem! You can set up a private account with us that means you can get access to our portfolio to purchase our wines for your personal consumption! Plus we will get you involved in all sorts of exclusive Deux Six wines events and tastings should you wish. Its free to create an account so get involved!

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