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Putting a grower Champagne on every fine dining wine list

Our mission is simple; to revitalise champagne lists across the UK. Champagne is under appreciated in UK gastronomy. We believe it should be more accessible for people to enjoy with food and understand the nuances and complexities between each bottle. Our portfolio does just that. We help Restaurants sell more Champagne, deliver new and unique events and create unforgettable food and champagne moments... learn more

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Our Values

We believe our passion for grower Champagne, alongside our commitment to education and providing sustainable environmentally friendly wines, helps us bring a fresh and unique approach to the import sector.

From the cellar

Not from the trade? No problem! You can set up a private account with us that means you can get access to our portfolio to purchase our wines for your personal consumption! Plus we will get you involved in all sorts of exclusive Deux Six wines events and tastings should you wish. Its free to create an account so get involved!

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