About Us

Deux Six Wines are a wine importing and distribution business who specialise in providing unique and exclusive grower Champagnes to the UK trade.

Our current mission is to put a grower Champagne on the wine list of every fine dining restaurant in the UK.

We provide Champagne which is better suited to gastronomy, has more emotional connection and is at tremendous price points.

Champagne is under appreciated in UK gastronomy. We believe it should be more accessible for people to enjoy with food and understand the nuances and complexities between each bottle. Our portfolio does just that.

Our aim is simple; to revitalise champagne lists across the UK. 

Blossoming from a love affair with Champagne, Deux Six Wines was born in June 2020, the brainchild of partners Cameron and Naomi.

The idea started back in 2017 when we found ourselves searching for that ‘perfect bottle’. What blends do we like? What brands are our favourites? What vintages do we prefer? However, after searching long and hard we realised the beauty of Champagne goes much deeper than just the name on the bottle and the bubbles in the glass.

We read and we watched. We visited and we tasted. To learn and experience as much as we could about this incredible wine making region.

We learnt that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect bottle’ however, there are wines to suit every style, every meal, every palate, every preference and every moment. The more you delve into the detail and intricacies of Champagne, the more you enjoy and appreciate every mouthful.

This is when we started to discover the inimitability of Grower Champagnes and further appreciate Champagne as a wine first. A certain moment in Champagne itself sparked a further passion to start the business.

In a nutshell Grower Champagne producers makes their own wines from their own grapes exclusively from their own vineyards. This may not seem unusual for some wine regions however in Champagne it hasn’t always been at the forefront of the production process.

They are wines of place and wines of character.

All our bottles have undergone a complex tasting process and have also been trialled by a select customer and professional base before full launch to the public and trade.

As consumers we would regularly get frustrated at the lack of creativity, authenticity and imagination when it came to UK Champagne lists. We are here to help sommeliers, wine buyers, chefs and restaurateurs change that and therefore;

- Sell more Champagne.
- Free up valuable time spent researching and sourcing new Champagne.
- Create more unforgettable memories for your customers!

All our bottles have undergone a complex tasting process and have also been trialled by a select customer and professional base before full launch to the trade.

Please get in touch for an informal chat, to organise a free champagne list consultation or to try some samples! We are currently conducting online or socially distanced trade tastings which can be booked via our website ready for reopening. Our bottles are also available to package up with current takeaway or dine-at-home services you may be offering.

We work extremely close with our wine makers in Champagne and purchase directly from their cellars for our exclusive ranges. We want to bring you their stories and their wines offering an experience like no other. If you are going to do Champagne, Deux Six Champagne.