Albert Beerens

The family estate of Albert Beerens has been exploring this unique natural wealth in the heart of La Côte des Bar since 1862, on more than 7 hectares of vineyards. Today, the development of the family estate depends on the partnership between Anne-Laure Beerens, heir to her predecessors’ secrets and expertise, and Olivier Desfossé, cellar and vineyard technical manager.

The passing down of the savoir-faire, together with technical developments, naturally led them to create a new working and reception space in the heart of their historic vineyards. This new unit promotes their core values of innovation and tradition. 
This is also highlighted with their traditional Coquard press that gently transfers musts by gravity towards a thermoregulated stainless steel tank for vinification; an innovative technique. However, they traditionally age their reserved wines in conical oak barrels. 

As well as the three main grape varieties they also grow Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. The estate practices tillage and permanent grass cover and has been awarded the Terra Vitis label for sustainable viticulture.
The Côte des Bar is renowned for it's rich Pinot Noir, due to it being the southern most sub-region in Champagne.
Beerens produce a delightful range using their terroir for sumptuous full bodied Champagnes that are well balanced and a delight to taste. Their Blanc de Noirs and Signature Cuvée have won numerous awards and we are delighted to bring these to the UK.