Alexandre Salmon is the 5th Generation of vine farmers in his family who all originate from Chaumezy back to 1887, with Auguste Salmon. Alexandre's grandfather, Michel, was the first to bottle their own cuvées and patiently collected enough plots to create the first 500 bottles of Champagne Salmon in 1958.

Olivier, Alexandre's father, joined the farm in the 1980's and has spent over 30 years dedicated to the domain. Their goal is "to do everything so our cuvées perfectly express the qualities of this clayey limestone soil".

In 2003, Alexandre started to work for the estate and has made a huge impact on the way they produce their wines. With the introduction of oak barrels, 100% Meunier cuvées and single plot vintages they have gone from strength to strength.

As a member of the Special Club their cuvées are recognised for their commitment to biodiversity and respect of the terroir, which is highlighted throughout the range with the most incredible use of Meunier.

Alexandre proudly states his daring mission "I decided to take up a new challenge: to restore its glory to Meunier" and in his 17 years at the domain his latest releases have certainly exceeded all expectations of what is possible. A triumph in innovation.

The range includes 100% Meunier cuvées which are flavourful and voluptuous as well as the gastronomic Cuvée AS aptly named after it's creator Alexandre Salmon.