Philippe Glavier

In 1993, Philippe and Véronique met and unified to create a new track. Both coming from families of wine growers, Philippe represents the third generation of growers in his family; inheriting an exceptional estate. Véronique is also the heir of a precious family estate. Twelve generations of growers have preceded her.

They both wanted to create their own wine and in 1995 Champagne Philippe Glavier was born. An amalgamation of some of the best plots in the Côte des Blancs to create an enviable 4.6 hectares of four Grand Crus.

The harvest of each village is done separately, to develop the distinctive features of each terroir. Pressing is also done separately, to not attenuate the specificities of each village. Microvinification by terroir is used to let each plot express itself.

The winery is full of small tanks thermoregulated to keep the specificities of each terroir. This commitment to showcasing each village with the single village wines of the emotion range and the prestige Folie D'Cramant is outstanding.

The domain is making huge noises in the world of prestige Blanc de Blancs Champagnes which has been previously impenetrable for such new brands. However, the quality and class of their parcels and cuvées have rightly given them the accolades they hold today.

We are extremely proud to help bring their wines to the UK and believe they will be a huge success to the UK consumer.