The first sentence in many marketing materials from Hénin-Delouvin states "Our winemaking process is realised with care in our winery to preserve the characteristics of our terroirs".

So as you delve deeper in to their range of Champagnes it is no surprise to find some exceptional cuvées all driven by individual villages. This is typified by the 'Âme de Terroir" cuvées which produce a Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs and Millesime. The subtle use of oak is created by vinification in small oak barrels drawing out all the flavours of their terroirs.

They are a unique domain in the fact that they are two families that have come together from different villages but have both kept their plots. This, therefore, gives them a real variety for a grower to produce different wines in their range.

The domain is the heritage from 5 generations. Hénin-Delouvin comes from the winemaker families F. Hénin Père et Fils from Aÿ and Delouvin-Chayoux from Cerseuil. Today this spirit continues with their two sons Julien and Guillaume. 


A terrific, diverse range from the fruity and fresh Rosé de Saignee to the gastronomic, powerful Cuvée Imagination.