The best Champagnes to pair with your Christmas Day meal!

2020? Let's go out in style!

We all know Christmas is going to be different this year so let's make our wine selections different too! Impress your bubble with some bubbles, that are sure to delight all your guests.

Here at Deux Six Wines we believe in Champagne as a wine first and have created a portfolio full of Grower Champagnes that have character, flavour and personality. Traditionally Champagne is served as an aperitif or a drink of celebration but times are changing and so are the wines of this incredible region.

It's time to put down your premature mince pie and listen to what the revolutionary growers in Champagne are producing. Learn how they are making wines that pair brilliantly with a variety of dishes that can enhance any culinary affair. We have selected some of our portfolio to showcase just what may be possible when you search deeper than just the 'usual wine list'.

Don't worry about having to try and make the decisions yourself, you keep your eye on that Turkey; we have done all the hard work for you!

Presence not Presents!

Because it is never to early to drink Champagne! Why not start your day off as you mean to go on. Although presents aren't the main worry for us all this christmas, we are focussing more than ever on the presence of the few people we can enjoy the day with, let's rip off the wrapping paper in style. The perfect Champagne to have amongst a range of canapés and starters has to be our Henri Goutorbe Brut Tradition. Light and Creamy with ripe fruits from Aÿ Pinot Noir it is a beautiful cuvée that can be enjoyed by all. Pair this with smoked salmon, scallops or lingoustines. A favourite dish of ours, alongside this wine, would be a duet of Crab and Avocado with a hint of Chilli, Lime and fresh herbs on some lovely seeded sourdough finished with a drizzle of Basil oil! £27.99

Brimming with trimmings!

As you move on to the showstopper course you also need a wine to stand up to the performance of your main! With the variety of accompaniments to your chosen meat or veg usually overwhelming it is important to pair this meal with a complex but not too full bodied wine. You need energy but balance and something that will compliment every mouthful. Therefore we have to opt for Maison Gamet's Caractères. A gastronomic wine which is unique in the way that the blend is 80% Meunier. Cook your sprouts with some chestnuts, pancetta and red wine which will go well with the earthy flavour of this wine from the clayey-limestone soils of the Marne Valley. Honey and Paprika carrots will bring out the playfulness of the Meunier. Whilst some braised red cabbage and cranberry sauce will start to compliment the subtle fruitiness this prestige Champagne can offer. £44.99

Deserve to Dessert!

It is nearly time to relax, but let's not disregard the potential of a great pudding pairing! No need to get hooked up on a dessert wine or something full of sugar. We have the ultimate wine that can work well with a variety of pastry dishes. It's time for a Rosé and this is one of the best Non-Vintages we have tried. Salmon 100% Meunier from the village of Chaumuzy. Champagne Salmon produce the most incredible Meunier wines and the Rosé has been given so much love and attention that Alexandre has produced a phenomenon. Complex yet generous on flavour with a mouthfeel like no other that just zings off your palate. Imagine taking a rollercoaster ride on a carriage built from citrus fruits, a track made from orange segments and a log flume splash in to a pool of berries. Serve this alongside a raspberry cheesecake or a crème brûlée topped with fresh berries. Treat yourself to a lime sorbet and shards of honeycomb to provide ultimate satisfaction at the end of your meal! £41.99 

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Have a wine-derful Christmas!