Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below our FAQ's hopefully they can answer your queries.   

Do you work on trade?

As well as working off trade we also work with the event, hotel, restaurant and bar industry and are fully AWRS licensed. We know our Champagnes will be a hit with customers and can't wait to showcase them to the trade. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this part of the business. We have already had some exciting discussions with Michelin Starred Restaurants and Hotel Chains. It has been a tough time for industry but we believe we can offer some vibrancy to your wine lists as well as great value and superior quality.


Can I open a private personal account to purchase your wines if I am not part of the trade?

Indeed! We have private customers who have access to our full portfolio at reduced retail prices. This means you can order larger quantities than we have available on our store and access to future releases too. To open an account or to discuss please contact us.


If I search for some of your wine online why do they show up available to purchase in UK?

Some online retail stores will show prices in UK pounds, however if you look further these stores will not be based in the UK. They will store their wines elsewhere and ship them from other countries. This can incur heavy postage and packaging costs and sometimes may not include all UK VAT and Duty Tax which could risk your package being stopped at customs by HMRC. Make sure you always check the location of the business!

Some UK retail stores may be customers of our off trade side of the business which means they will no longer be available on our online store. Alternatively they may already have purchased wine from the producer before our partnership. Not all of our wines are exclusive at this moment and with respect to our producers we didn't want to break any relationships they had with existing retail no matter what the size of customer. 


Why do you only have a limited selection and stock online?

As we are mainly a trade business we only publish stock to our online cellar which are 'end of bin' or new releases to get customer feedback before adding to our portfolio. If you would like to purchase more bottles than available or try others from our portfolio please get in touch to set up a private account.


How do you guarantee delivery and the safety of bottles?

We have teamed up with a packaging company who have created a unique bottle packaging solution which has undergone rigorous testing. The protection element of our packaging is the only recommended packaging with some UK courier services. All our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from mostly recyclable material (including the glue and tape we use!).


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