JM Goulard

Our most Northern based domain in our portfolio, this small area North East of Reims is a true hidden gem in the heart of the Saint-Thierry Mountain.

The heritage of the J.M Goulard domain starts with Paul Goulard who devoted his life to working with the land as a farmer and wine-grower. His son Jean-marie in 1978, founded his own estate with his wife Martine. The 3 sons of the house: Sébastien, Sylvain and Damien were all brought up within the family business.

Damien took over the operation in 2012 with a desire to uphold his family traditions but he also dedicated himself to find the terroir of the Massif de St Thierry in his wines. Damien considers the vineyard as his garden.

As his Grandfather did, he tends to every hectare himself and the family harvest all the grapes by hand.

J.M Goulard became a part of the prestigious 'Special Club' thanks to their commitment to biodynamic viticulture and respect for terroir. This can be found throughout the range from their well balanced blends to the incredible use of Meunier.

A beautiful selection, off the beaten track, who's wines deserve the upmost respect and praise. True terroir driven Champagne.