New YouTube Channel Launched!

We are super excited to bring to you the new Deux Six Wines YouTube channel, Pour the Wine!

On our channel we will look to bring you all sorts of content from the world of Champagne and the hospitality industry. Look out for our new mini series' of 'Tip of the week', 'Draw the Wine', 'Pair the Wine' and 'Meet the Experts'.


Our tip of the week will provide an insight in to Grower Champagne and help to bust some myths or provide a little bit of new knowledge. The tip will be followed with a more in depth blog for those that may wish to read further and learn more!


Draw the Wine is a new style of wine tasting. We wanted to make our wines more accessible and approachable. Wine doesn't always have to be explained through vague tasting notes or terminology that consumers don't understand. To break this stigma we thought there would be no better way than to try and illustrate the feeling, the moment and the sensations we experienced. Take away your 'On the nose' and 'On the palette' and swap it over for terrible drawings of a Hay Stack and a Cricket Bat... yes honestly!


We pride our portfolio on being perfect for a variety of experiences within a restaurant or dining setting. Wether it be an aperitif, a gastronomic pairing or the perfect list of wine flights. Pair the wine will explore some classic and some new combinations for pairing Champagne with food. Throw in some guest chefs and some tremendous Champagne, what more could you want?


From Chefs to Winemakers, Sommeliers to Restaurateurs. Our meet the expert sessions will look to bring industry knowledge from a variety of professions. Listen to our growers and learn what makes our Champagnes special. Tune in to Sommeliers from Michelin Star restaurants to understand how they purchase and use wine. This section will provide a great insight in to the hospitality sector and allow you to learn from the best!

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