Guy Mea

In the Middle Ages, "Loupvoie" signified the 'Way of the Wolves' and designated the route that these animals took when they left the forest of Saint-Basle and entered the Val D'or through the village of Louvois. This is where Champagne Guy Méa's recognisable wolf originates from.

Franck and Sophie run the domain today and the history originates from Sophie's Grandfather, Mr Méa. He was a winemaker who traded bottles in Paris for clothes and food. As Champagne Méa grew so did the family and Sophie's mum arrived in 1964.

At 20 she started to work in the vines and develop the business. When Sophie was born it was always her dream to follow in her mothers inspiring footsteps. She says "Today, it's my turn to bring my stone to the Maison Méa building with my family. As a child, I kept repeating with a smile to my ears 'When I grow up, I will be Champagneuse!'

Do not look for this word in the dictionary, it simply comes out of the head of a child raised to the rhythm of the seasons and the harvest, who could recognise a thousand places and the smell of wines that are starting to work in the cellar."

The full Guy Mea range is a refreshing take on the terroir of Montagne de Reims, blending beautifully the light notes of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to create mineral, crisp and delightful cuvées.

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