A four-generation family owned domain, the family Gamet produces its wine in an intimate champagne estate located in Mardeuil. Joined by their children, Fabienne & Philippe Gamet offer champagnes with strong characters.

They are certified with Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne and the High Environmental Value certification. Their vineyard spreads itself from the Left Bank to the Right Bank of the river, from Fleury-la-Rivière to Mardeuil. Two terroirs with very different types of soil and this is showcased beautifully with the Rive Gauche and Rive Droite cuvées; named after the banks.

The soils of the valley give powerful aromas, great fragrant texture as well as a beautiful roundness, initiating a long taste on the palate.

Rich with diversity and various micro-climates, the Marne Valley has been unrecognized for a very long time. Today, led by the work of the winegrowers, we are witnessing a renaissance. A true family operation that cherishes it's terroir and produces a brilliant range of wines. They also produce honey, cider and ratafia under the family name!

These are champagnes of a great freshness and intense roundness - particularly appreciated in gastronomy.